Annwen’s thriving green Cape route

Annwen Mazetti who owns Thrive Horticulture in Somerset West, shares her horticultural Green Route.

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden is the most beautiful garden I have even been in. Entrance is R100 and by appointment only. You can also book a tour. This place is my church. I go here to feel an external empathy with the bitter-sweet rawness and wonder that is my usual inner state.

The landscape itself has been sculpted under Dylan’s instruction with earth-moving equipment to create gentle rounded contours, valleys and water ways. The landscaping style is naturalistic: it does not mimic, but rather idealises and partners with nature to create a synergy between nature and manmade design.

It incorporates the majestic views by artfully repeating them in the contours. All of this not only creates a fitting back drop for Dylan’s artworks but in fact makes me feel as if I am standing within an artwork … and that the artwork is Life itself.

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens The useful plants garden has a good selection of well labelled species and it’s a great place for a coffee or lunch when in Stellenbosch. Take a seat in the fern garden for water-sound-filled peaceful moments. And it’s free!

Stellenbosch Organic Farmers Market was founded by local farmers and the parent community at Stellenbosch Waldorf School to address the problem of the farmers not having committed buyers and the consumers not having access to quality organic produce. The best stuff sells fast so get there early.

Vredenhof Organic Estate sells organic veg and goods and has a good restaurant.

Realfoodco physical and online organic shop is a family business with free delivery to the area when you purchase R500 worth of goods or more.

Thrive Horticulture



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