A year of small steps

It’s 2018. What does that mean? I feel as if last year was a practice run for living greener.

#Green2017 sounded like a good idea but perhaps I spent more time taking photos of our pallet gardens and sprouting jars and inventing #101WaystoCookAlmondMeal than actually greening up.

Not that this type of home industry isn’t admirable and worthy but I know there’s a lot more I could do in terms of zero waste.

At the beginning of last year I tried to do everything at the same time – grow-our-own veggies, compost, buy in bulk, network with like-minded greenies.

It was all a bit over-ambitious, although I did get some great story ideas out of it. Some are half-written and I discover them occasionally in forgotten  folders.

So this is my year to do one thing at a time and, hopefully, finish it.

On the upside I’ve got lots of pretty photos to play with and I’ve realised I need to be more organised about moving forward with zero-waste living.

Planning and preparation are what’s needed. Let’s do this!

See Fresh Local Markets Green 2018 for practical, doable ways to green up your life a little.



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