Stroll along Janette Bennet’s wild Kwelera coast


Writer and photographer Janette Bennett, who lives in Kwelera Mouth near East London, shares her green route with us.

‘I tend to hang out in and around my home (fairly hermitty), editing and writing, making bags and whatever, gardening and beaching.

The first stop on my green route is my garden. We share it with bushbuck, monkeys, guinea fowl, butterflies and birds. No poisons are used here; we use neem, garlic and chilli sprays for bad goggas, and we fertilise with liquid and compost from our earthworm farms. It’s mostly local indigenous, and we are known to sometimes feed ourselves out of our veggie garden.

The Blue Barn, just off the N2 at Mooiplaas, is growing in popularity as a wedding venue. I love it for its superb Sunday breakfasts and fabulous farm chic, with interesting recycling and beautiful indigenous plantings.

The beach at Kwelera Mouth Village is one of my best spots ever. I grew up on Transkei beaches and just can’t deal with lots of people on the beach. Nearby Yellow Sands, at the mouth of the Kwelera River, offers big waves, big surfing and big crowds. The Kwelera stretch reminds me of quiet, soul-feeding Wild Coast strolls.

Murambi Rose Cafe, with unpretentious decor and good lunches, offers stunning view over rolling hills to the sea. From here, I have watched fish eagles play. It’s an occasional music venue and it has the cutest chapel on the premises.

I love the atmosphere and the decor – mostly created from recycled and found objects – at Tea In The Trees near Cintsa West. It holds monthly markets, music events, yoga classes, among other things.’

Wild Coast
Wild Coast Image Janette Bennett

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