What to do in a drought

I was going to write about resolving to be more focused and organised about zero waste living but all I can think about is water.

Everyone’s talking about poo these days. At coffee mornings and birthday lunches, high teas and evening soirees.

I’m sure it’s discussed at every water cooler in Cape Town’s city centre as office workers prepare to be evicted from the city. No flush, no work, basically.

It’s come down to that.

Other far more erudite writers than I are coming up with solutions to the crisis and my favourite is Helen Moffett. Read her wise and witty blog to get a sense of what’s really happening in Cape Town as Day Zero looms. There are more than 1001 ways to save water

I can’t help wondering why the city isn’t initiating regular switch-offs to eke out the remaining dam water. Surely having the taps off for two days a week (or something similar) will be better than no water for who-knows-how-long?

There’s a sense of urgency in the streets and malls of the city. Queues for 25-litre water containers are snaking around the streets, portable showers have sold out everywhere and Capetonians are googling ‘How to build a humanure composting toilet‘.

I wonder whether there are designated ‘wee stall’ in women’s bathrooms in office blocks or are people still being squeamish about ‘if it’s mellow let it yellow’?

I don’t know the answers and I’m not interested in assigning blame but I agree wholeheartedly with Helen’s rallying cry. We need to all pull together and help each other out. It’s not going to be easy.

Because I like posting pretty photos, and images of water buckets and hosepipes (or worse) aren’t terribly attractive, here’s a snap of a rosette thing I made out of recycled ribbons and a crochet gift tag.

The ribbons were going to adorn a dress I decided to rescue but then they turned into this. (See previous post under ‘distracted’.) A Year of Small Steps

rosette thing IMG_20180120_205227

And, finally, here’s a blog link about How to quit the supermarket. It was going to be in the post focused on zero waste living but it’s been eclipsed by the water crisis (but not forgotten).

How I quit the supermarket




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