Taste Nikki Brighton’s KZN Midlands on a plate


Nikki Brighton – vegetable grower, barterer and photographer – shares her green route on a plate in the KZN Midlands

I like to think I am a locavore. It’s quite a trendy thing to be right now, but makes complete sense to me.

With so many farmers’ markets in the KZN Midlands, it is pretty easy to eat all local. The Midlands Barter Markets also fill me with joy – with money out of the equation, the focus is squarely on the abundance in our gardens and neighbourhoods – often that we take for granted.

Here are five of my early summer favourite plates:

Breakfast  Fresh all garden fruit salad of gooseberries, tree tomatoes, loquats and oxalis flowers (10m) to go with bartered oranges (1km).

Followed by fennel flavoured eggs. So easy and so delicious. A teaspoon of Champagne Valley Stonemill flour (112km) stirred into 4 tablespoons of milk (18km) then added to bartered beaten eggs (1km), stir in chopped spring onions and fennel fronds (10m). Drop spoonfuls into a hot pan to make little crumpet-like omelettes. As one side cooks, flip over to cook the other side.

sorghum, apple, celery salad
Sorghum, apple, celery salad Image: Nikki Brighton

Lunch could be seriously low food miles colourful lunch salad of red cabbage, carrots, (Dovehouse Farm Shop 2km and grown within 15km), micro-sprouts from Gillian Milne (15kms) oranges (1km) fennel and radish flowers (10m).

Or if we expand our definition of local to include other parts of KZN – Sorghum (300km), apple (110km), celery (7km), bartered pecans (11km) and Wana Farm maas (15km) inspired by Mpho Tshukudu and featured in her fabulous book Eat Ting.

courgette with yoghurt
Courgette with yoghurt

For supper, a regular spring favourite which needs to cool to be at its best. Fried courgette slices (these were from 21kms away, but also available closer to home) layered with Tatsfield Farm yoghurt (21km) lemon juice and basil leaves (10m). This dish is far more delicious than it sounds.

Give local living a try. It’s delicious!

See Nikki’s blog Plant Abundance 

Nikki will facilitate a workshop at The Hedge Shed in Nottingham Road on 26 May 9 – 12 Cost R300. A-Z of Local – creative inspiration from Nikki’s Little Green Book to live lightly and abundantly. See The Hedge Shed on Facebook or contact Eidin Griffin to book: 083 429 2867    thehedgeshedkzn@gmail.com




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