Gardening at night

What do you do in a drought when your previously green and verdant front lawn now looks like a stale Weetabix? Why you dig it up and take to gardening at night.

night garden vintage jug IMG_9994

Vintage pottery and small succulents in the night garden.   Image: Melanie Farrell

The lawn has a huge hole in the middle of it and when Handy Dave got home from work and saw it he asked, bluntly, ‘What is it?’ When I told him it was our mini-wetland he rolled his eyes. I don’t think he had quite the same vision as me.

I pictured Cape Leopard toads lounging about while dragonflies hovered in the air above the mini-wetland in what used to be our front lawn.

Hubby could only see a huge, sandy hole in the middle of our already-dead-from-drought lawn. I’m calling in someone who knows what they are doing before I dig myself in even deeper.

While waiting for my back to recover from the aforementioned lawn digging episode I created a mini-night garden applying the usual rule around here: use what you have, spend nothing.

It helps to have lots and lots of mini pots of succulents to pose photogenically.

sunny night garden IMG_9974

I was going to waffle on about giving my study/office a Zen makeover but I’m so exhausted after digging up the lawn I’m skipping that bit. Will return in due course.

I have a problem with acquiring clutter so the simplicity challenge is a huge one for me. I don’t think you can expect cleared surfaces everywhere, a room’s got to have life, but I’m going to see how far I can go.

I’m not ready to go fully Scandi white – and if you look at the colour in the rest of the house a pure white room would be decidedly off-colour.

Green Route news

Wine and Swine has opened in Noordhoek, serving slow-cured charcuterie and local cheeses and wine.

Noordhoek has a new cheese, charcuterie and wine shop, Wine & Swine. You’ll find familiar faces from @Faithjuice ready and waiting to put together a toothsome cheese and charcuterie platter for you.

Have you heard about the Green City Cape Town initiative?

To find out more about the Green City plan I’ll be chatting to Natasha Napoli from Nourish’d Cafe in March when she shares her Green Route in Cape Town with us.

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Welcome to Green City! 🌱 Through this online space we hope to: -Change the face of sustainability, by making it fun, easy and accessible to anyone and everyone! -Share inspiring local businesses, brands, organizations and individuals- all working towards a more sustainable way of life, and thus inspiring change. -Document our journey towards a more sustainable life (hey, we’re not perfect), but also our daily adventures and behind the scenes of our lives- and how all of this can coincide -Have you join us! Document YOUR eco-warrior moments by tagging us or using the hashtag #GREENCITYCT. We’re a community and we’d love to share everyone’s efforts! ♻️ ______________ The incredibly talented @savillian_ & @_etiennefourie made this video for us from our first event, WASTE LESS MEET-UP- we can’t wait to host another one! WHO’S IN? ______________ 🎵”Let’s Fall in Love Some More” by Al Bairre (thank you!)

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Ottolenghi was in town?

And then Ottolenghi went shopping for veg at Oranjezicht City Farm Market. Really. Here’s an Insta-photo to prove it. Not that I was there and he was incognito so not a lot of people spotted him. Clever guy – imagine the stampede if the organic veggie buying public of Cape Town had realised who was tempted by tomatoes in their midst.

Here he is at Bertus Basson at Spice Route eating a ‘perfect’ salad.

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Corkscrews, Franschhoek, Western Cape.

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And of course …. Clifton.

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My glass blocking the view..Sorry.

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