Encounters with travellers and other animals

Sitting down next to a Western Cape Leopard toad makes me happy. It means that despite the drought the toads are keeping cool in our small urban corridor.

Meet Cyril the Squirrel, my new acquaintance in the Night Garden. 

Squirrels are very inquisitive and Cyril the Squirrel finds the night garden fascinating. I snapped him inspecting the pots and flying through the air to avoid the snapparazi.

2 squirrel leaps 20180221_081653
Cyril flies through the air with the greatest of ease

Cyril’s not the only mini-wildlife encounter that I’ve had. I sat down on Handy Dave’s DIY bench to ponder the mini-wetland (yes, still working on that one) and realised that there was an amphibian present.

A large Western Cape Leopard toad looked at me balefully before hopping away.

It’s been sad watching small trees and shrubs die off due to the drought. I realised that I couldn’t just watch and do nothing and made a plan to group the survivors in shadier spots and my mini-wetland areas.

So I’ve saved some plants but probably should have done something about it sooner. But the spinach is thriving and I’m sowing seeds harvested from the summer spinach to grow some more for winter.

Follow Your Feet

We’ve become a sort of halfway-house for backpackers after my son worked at Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge near Nature’s Valley in December and January.

We hosted two Bavarian students, Emily and Lucy (admittedly they only stayed for one night) and Jordan Trey Jones from America rested his feet here for a couple of days before heading for Uganda. Sweet Madelein, also from Bavaria, stayed with us at the end of her backpacking trip before heading home.

Then there was Astrid from Sweden (en route to AfrikaBurn). Brief encounters with conscious travellers is always uplifting. Plus they’ve all volunteered at backpackers so they know how to look after themselves and – very important – how to clear up the kitchen after a cooking session.

I love this photo by Jordan Trey Jones, taken while he was in Uganda. Follow in his footsteps.

Jordan’s selfie with a tree in Garden of Eden, Knysna.

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Love the Earth and the Earth will Love you

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Zero-waste shopping in Brussels

A friend living in Brussels with her family sent me photos of the zero-waste warehouse that they shop at – not only zero-waste but also bulk shopping. It makes so much sense in so many ways.


Europe is way ahead of SA when it comes to zero-waste shopping and awareness but in SA people are becoming more eco-conscious.


Green glimpse

Just for fun, here’s a collage I made: Jordan tucks in on The Stoep, a pallet garden goes up at Faithjuice in Noordhoek, my favourite Darling Sweet packaging and a visit to potter Sarah Walters’ studio in Newlands Village.

collage trey



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