Sample a slice of Stanford country life

Inspired by Jennie Chancey’s Overberg Green Route I decided to see (and taste) country life near Stanford for myself.

KR IMG_0824 copy

I’m fascinated by farms in and around Stanford. Perhaps one day I’ll live on one with a couple of chickens?

A favourite farm is Klein River Cheese with its bucolic setting and delicious cheese for the tasting. We had the cheese platter for two – a selection of cheese made on the farm, served with homemade pickles and ciabatta for R230.

Our picnic was washed down with cider made by local Birkenhead Brewery and we split a chocolate brownie.

The best tables are outside and the kids can run around on the lawns.

Little Brownstone Farm’s Fiona Baxter

At the morning market held every Saturday on the stoep of the Stanford Hotel I discovered Fiona Baxter from Little Brownstone Farm and her hand dyed and spun sheep’s wool.

Knitters will love the colours of the natural dyes Fiona makes from fynbos flowers and bluegum bark on her farm. Fiona spins some of  the wool on her farm and also employs two women in Stanford as spinners.

Havercroft’s Brydon Havercroft

I also met Brydon Havercroft, from Havercroft’s restaurant, at the market on the stoep, and came away with a selection of sublime ‘health’ cakes.

market yumminess IMG_0854 copy

Real chocolate, local dairy, stoneground flour and almond flour were some of the options. Perhaps not quite ‘health’ but oh so delicious.

4 slices IMG_0867 copy
Cakes from the Saturday morning market at Stanford Hotel – stoneground flour, raw chocolate and almond flour are just some of the ingredients used in these farm bakes.

Wandering the Wandelpad

MF wandelpade IMG_0809 copy

Exploring the Wandelpad that snakes alongside the Klein River I had to stop and take in the trees and the winding pathway that gives occasional glimpses of cottages on the riverbank.

MF wandelpad cottage IMG_0812 copy

Sunset at De Kelders – take time out and live lightly

Thanks to the fabulous Jennie Chancey for sharing her Green Overberg with me.


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