Big dreams about living in a Tiny House

The idea of living in a tiny house is fascinating. Not sure where all my clutter would go but think of the advantages of living lightly, free of unnecessary possessions and, ideally, off-grid.

I’ve always been fascinated by miniature worlds. When I was a child I was enchanted by the storybook Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. Gulliver being pinned down by tiny people was an image that was both alarming and enchanting.

gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift

And then there were the Borrowers. Tiny people who lived behind skirting boards and in mouseholes. Sometimes they even had to move into the sewers to get away from whatever was chasing them.

So it’s inevitable, in a way, that I am a big fan of Tiny Houses. Whether I could live in one is another story but I’m inspired by the Instagram account of Whitney Leigh Morris who lives in a small canal cottage in Venice Beach, California.

On home territory – on the Garden Route – we have our own Tiny House dwellers. Garth Ensley and his partner live in a tiny house near Plettenberg Bay.  Watch Garth’s Youtube video here Tiny House SA

Garth has been living in his Tiny House for two and a half years and shares what he’s learned about Tiny House living on his Youtube channel.

For some sheer indulgence in tiny house images here’s a perfectly presented tiny house in France.

If you’re interested in Tiny Houses I’d recommend following Living Big in a Tiny House on Youtube. But be warned – Bryce visits tiny houses all over the world and they are addictive watching.

Living Big in a Tiny Houseunnamed

Here’s an extract from a story in the UK’s Daily Mail about how Tiny Houses are being introduced to the UK:

‘With UK house prices spiralling and people struggling to get on the property ladder, solutions are being sought in all manner of strange places.

Now one US firm believes it has come up with the answer: a tiny 256sq ft home on wheels dubbed the ‘Kokosing’.

For £60,000, buyers get a 32-inch flat screen HD TV, washer/dryer unit and plenty of storage room hidden in the living room flooring and in the stairway.

Images show the blue-panelled exterior of the 24ft-long trailer, the sleek bathroom and double bedroom which sits up a set of stairs above the rest of the property.

The Kokosing tiny house is built by Modern Tiny Living who believe its popularity is down its liveable features. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio but they can ship to the UK.’

Read the full story here Tiny Homes for UK?

If I could build my own Tiny Home I’d use recycled windows and building materials, pop solar panels on the roof and create a spacious outdoor space to make up for the lack of indoor space.


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