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Natasha’s guide to a Nourish’d vegan view of Cape Town

Natasha Ozora from Nourish’d Cafés and Juice bars in Cape Town shares her vegan view of Green Route.

Nourish’d Cafes are cafe/juice bars that bring awareness about sustainability, consciousness and environmental issues. I serve fresh, natural nourishment to the community and I make my customers pay for their paper straws. When they ask me why they get a full-on lecture from me about why!

Nourish’d Café and Juice bar – Kloof Street and Lower Main Road, Obs

Nourish’d is definitely one of my green spots. I started Nourish’d a year ago with the aim of creating more awareness around recycling and waste pollution to landfills in and around Cape Town.

I love seeing my customers come in with all their glass jars and getting their R10 deposits back or paying R5 less for bringing in their ECOcoffee Cup and not taking it away. It’s a relief knowing that I am not serving my products in single-use plastics.

Comrade Carrot erft 81
Natasha and Comrade Carrot at erf 81 market

Erf 81 Organic Food Market

I found this place about a year ago. It is the most beautiful market in Cape Town to go to on a Sunday.

Erf 81 Market is at the corner of Military and Leeuvenvoet roads in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. There is a stunning view of Table Mountain, chilled Sundays with authentic African beats, food, organic veggies, crafts, vintage fashion and a petting farm for the kids. It isn’t held every Sunday but when it is it’s the most special Green Zone.

Noordhoek Farm Village and Faithjuice bar

I love this place! Its peaceful energy and little juice bar here make me feel so calm. You sit in the veggie garden in the sunshine. Whenever I need to get out of the city for a couple of hours I find myself here enjoying a fresh juice at Faithjuice. I then drive through to Scarborough and sit on the beach and watch the surfers.

Street Scapes / Khulisa Social Services

Street Scapes is an organisation run by a group of homeless people who have a beautiful urban garden in the heart of the city.

I go there to buy all my organic lettuce, rocket, basil and mint etc… It’s so humbling going here to be with these incredibly green-fingered people who make a small living with the money they get for their produce. I met a woman there who also talks to plants. She couldn’t believe I did it too. Khulisa Social Services

GezaKapa Recycling Drop off

I love the GezaKapa drop off and believe in it so much. Their goal is to create awareness around recycling, inspire the community involvement and empower locals to recycle and become more conscious about what we are putting back into the earth.

This organisation is run by run by young, energetic social entrepreneurs based in Cape Town, who are passionate and committed to treating our earth and our community with respect by providing a unique service that is both enjoyable and educational.

Green City Cape Town

GreenCity is a project I am working on with Mischke Bosse. This collective was founded in 2017 by Mischke Bosse and Natasha Ozora. Green City Cape Town aims to change the face of sustainable living and to create a more accessible and talked-about, environmentally conscious culture.

This is a project that I hold really close to my heart. Please stay tuned for the release of our next collaborative meet up next to Nourish’d.

WATCH the GreenCity Cape Town video here

GreenCity Cape Town video