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Who is the Queen of Pallet Gardens?

Let me just say, from the outset, that I do not think I’m a queen.

It started out as a joke among friends when I started selling vertical pallet gardens. It seemed funny, I suppose, because I’m a journalist, and a little word play goes a long way.

My pallet garden journey is featured in Visi Melanie Farrell’s pallet gardens

But posts have been a long time coming since I blithely created my WordPress account two years ago. In the interim I’ve developed a passion for greener living and Green Route has grown out of Pallet Gardens Cape Town

When I decided it was time to use the bedraggled Queen of Pallet Gardens blog to post all the greenies that have shared their green routes around the country with me I thought about changing the name of the blog. And then I thought ‘why?’

So in honour of the queen we shall just say that although Queen of Pallet Gardens is me poking fun at myself I am very serious about growing a network of green routes around South Africa.

The focus of Green Route is to support eco-preneurs – entrepreneurs who go the green route by opting for eco-conscious products and services.

Do you have a Green Route to share or would you like to chat to me about working together? Please email:  I’m also on Linked In

Who’s talking about Green Route?

Tony Budden, co-owner of Hemporium SA

‘As an ecopreneur, the journey of pioneering a new, more earth-friendly way of doing business is often a lonely and challenging one.

Having support from like-minded people, and being able to connect with customers and suppliers who share your values through initiatives like Green Route can really help our company reach our goals of sustainability, both as a business, and as earthlings.’ 

Joy Phala – Organic Kitchen Gardens (Joburg)

‘Green Route is an innovative concept for awareness and education of business, organisations and entrepreneurs that demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship by taking environmental stewardship beyond waste management in their business operations.’

Colleen Black, Life Lived Simply

Zero-waste ambassador Colleen Black, of Life Lived Simply, lives in Balito, KZN. She is also the organiser of this year’s nationwide zero-waste tour of SA by Bea Johnson, a global ambassador for living lightly.

‘Green Route is so inspiring to me; I love discovering things to do in my area or hearing what others are doing to make a difference in their corner of the world. Green Route makes this easy for everyone by sharing their stories.’

Philip Todres of Cape Town Green Map

‘Your routes are perfect for Cape Town Green Map and I’d like to feature them on the MapMyWay website. The spin-off is that we then do a double whammy: MapMyWay can plot the routes and link to Cape Town Green Map.’

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